Our Team



Andy has been a prominent figure in the financial services industry for 25+ years. Andy has distinguished himself as a reputable speaker on economics, global investing, and foreign currencies. Andy recommends himself and his team to assist you with all your precious metals investments.
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Chief Operating Officer

Joel manages the day to day operations of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage Programs. Joel’s expertise in precious metals spans four generations of his family members in the precious metals industry. He’s learned everything from refining gold and silver to sales of precious metals, specializing in importing Bullion from overseas.
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Allison Fagerness

Office Manager

In addition to administration in the Minnesota office, she manages all the administrative functions for Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage Programs.

Our Team’s Experience

The rest of the team at Miles Franklin includes our Sales Brokers, Accounting, Marketing, News Writers, and a team of technology professionals. We write a daily newsletter published by email Mon-Fri. Miles Franklin provides various other news and media sources includes weekly Blog Articles as well as Audio and Video Interviews by Andy Hoffman from a wide variety of sites including Youtube, Financial Networks, Trade shows, and many more. We believe in extensive client education and support.