Steps – Whats Involved?

Here are the steps for setting up your Miles Franklin Private Safe Deposit Box. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.



  • Client completes the customer agreement, and the original is then mailed to Miles Franklin and a copy may additionally be sent by email to: to begin the application process.  We also require a copy to be mailed of a valid Drivers License or Passport is required for any authorized to sign on the account.



  • Agreement is executed and signed by the President of Miles Franklin, which a signed copy is mailed back to the client for their records.



  • Client may start sending in their precious metals or make a purchase as soon as a copy of the agreement is received by Miles Franklin either by mail or email.



  • The set up cost is $99.00 which includes the cost of shipping the keys to the client in the US or Canada. All other countries please inquire for the additional costs of shipping keys.



  • Options for sending in goods to Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto:

a)    Precious Metals may be shipped from the client by Brink’s general starting around 200 oz. gold/platinum or more.

Client will drop off their goods at the nearest Brink’s location arranged by a Miles Franklin representative and shipped insured by Brink’s Global Services on the Miles Franklin account. All quotes for shipping will be finalized and accepted in advance. Drop off at a Brink’s facility requires a Driver’s License or Passport copy to be sent to Brink’s prior to scheduling an appointment.

b)    Clients sending in their own goods of under 200oz. of Gold/ Platinum will ship their goods by U.S Registered insured mail first to:


C/O Miles Franklin #520-000

1437 42nd Street South

Fargo, ND 58103

c)    Once the precious metals are received at our warehouse, the cost to ship to Brink’s Canada is $140.00 per 50oz. gold/platinum and $260.00 per 100oz. gold/platinum, insured and includes all customs fees, etc. Goods are shipped to Canada by UPS overnight, insured (tracking number is available upon request).

d)    Miles Franklin can help assist clients importing their gold and platinum back from Europe or other countries. Goods can ship directly from Vaults around the world to the Brink’s vault of your choice in our program. Miles Franklin will coordinate your shipment with Brink’s Global Services on our account handling all shipping and customs paperwork.

e)    If purchasing precious metals directly from our affiliate company Miles Franklin Ltd. Please contact us at (877) 685-4705 or internationally at (952) 582-6316 to make a new purchase.



  • Once metals arrive at Brink’s Canada:

box_2 box_1

All goods are counted and verified under recorded camera, then sealed in a safe deposit box and locked with a Brink’s seal.

box_2 box_1

The seal number tab snaps into two pieces. The client will receive the break off tab number from the seal on the box along with keys and a Brink’s inventory Certificate signed by a Brink’s Authorized employee including handwriting the seal number on certificate insuring it’s no tampering has occurred.


All of that material is sealed in the Brink’s bag to ensure its tamperproof. The sealed Brink’s bag is now sent to the client by UPS.



  • Adding or withdrawing metals:

a)   Client ships their key to Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto directly. All transfer paperwork must be sent to Miles Franklin in advance of a key arriving at Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto. Miles Franklin will coordinate a shipment on our UPS account by emailing the client the PDF airway bill. This UPS airway bill sent to the client by email will already include the complete address details for the package to be shipped to the Vault Manager at Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto. Any UPS drop off box or UPS center may be used.

b)   Additionally, clients may set up an appointment through Miles Franklin to arrange an in person drop off or pick up, with a maximum one appointment per month.

c)  Withdrawing goods to be shipped back:

Clients may take back personal possession of their precious metals, either in person or by shipping back first to our warehouse in Fargo, ND. Next precious metals may ship anywhere in the USA by UPS or US Postal insured. Quotes from return shipments will be made on a per case basis.

d)   All boxes with precious metals removed from an open account, clients will receive their key back, including a new Brink’s seal and certificate in a bag each time.



  • Selling or Closing account:

a)   Client will ship back both keys either by UPS to Miles Franklin or directly to Brink’s (fees and details regarding lost keys can be found in the customer agreement). Clients may also schedule an appointment to pick up of their precious metals or cash in person. All clients must sign and return the indemnification release to Miles Franklin prior to entering a Brink’s facility.

b)   Clients will complete the sale with Miles Franklin LTD through their Broker prior to any transfer forms being finalized with Brink’s.  Clients are generally paid in 5 business days or less by bank wire or check.



  • Storing Hard Currency:

a)   Clients may arrange with any Canadian Bank to open an account if they do not have one already. Once the clients account is opened, clients may arrange for the cash to be prepared and ready for pick up by Brink’s to be delivered to Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto. Miles Franklin will help coordinate with your banker and Brink’s to arrange the pick-up.

b)   Once the client has completed the necessary steps, Miles Franklin Private Safe Deposit Box program will coordinate delivery and pick up through Brink’s with the Bank to have the currency delivered to Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto.

c)   Currency must be ordered with a minimum of $10,000 U.S or Canadian funds. Denominations allowed are $100’s, $50’s & $20’s. 1500 cash / notes fit per 3”x5”x24” safe deposit box. Example: (500) $100’s = $50,000 / (500) $50’s = $25,000 / (500) $20’s = $10,000.


d)   Clients must adhere to Brink’s rules regarding sealed bags of cash. All bags of cash are sealed at the Bank, which the amount ordered must be placed in advance and sealed by the Bank in a bag. That sealed Bank bag will now be placed in your box. Brink’s Canada cannot open the bag, or allow a client to open a portion of that bag. The entire bag must be picked up in person, which will be counted and verified with the client, in order for the client to sign the transfer release form confirming the count. Clients cannot deposit cash, or bring their own cash to Brink’s Vancouver or Toronto due to Canadian banking laws. All currency must originate from a bank pick up through Brink’s.

e)   On the first and initial deposit clients will receive the exact same sealed Brink’s bag with the Seal number tab, Brink’s Certificate with seal number handwritten on it and signed, and the keys.

f)   With the exception of Brink’s Cash Bag rules in #D All other steps for adding or withdrawing currency from your safe deposit box applies the same as gold and platinum. You will be required to send back your key if adding or withdrawing.