Service Rates 

  • Miles Franklin Private Safe Deposit Boxes accepts applications to store existing metals that you already own, or new metals that you wish to purchase. Under Menu, please download an application which has our rate structures and storage fees. You may also email us for an application at or call 877-685-4705
  • There is No Minimum purchase requirement for opening a Private Safe Deposit Box account. There is a monthly minimum for the metals starting at US$39.00 plus box fee, with a one-time $99 set up fee to open up the account including receiving your keys and original certificate.
  • Monthly storage rates and volume discounts available, please call to discuss in further detail. Precious Metal storage rates are a fixed price per ounce of Gold, Platinum or Palladium, so whether the price goes up or down, your monthly bill stays the same!


  • Set up fees, including receiving your keys, signed Brink’s certificate and the Brink’s seal number by UPS. (Your box is sealed with a pull tight security seal with double numbering, which the break off tab that corresponds with matching serial numbers). The set up fee is the same for precious metals clients already own or an initial purchase: $99.00
  • Future purchase fee including receiving your key back, a new certificate the Brink’s seal by UPS: $139.00
  • Client selling or shipping back but not closing their account including receiving the key back and the Brink’s seal by UPS is:$139.00 plus the withdrawal fee of $40.00
  • In person appointment fee: $65.00
  • Withdrawal fee selling, picking up in person, or shipping back (one-time fee per withdrawal): $40.00
  • Closing account including withdrawal fee via a return UPS shipment of keys = $105.00 plus any applicable shipping charges to client if not sold.
  • Closing account in person including withdrawal fee and appointment fee= $105.00

Import / Export:

  • We are also experts in helping clients retrieve their Gold and Silver that they own overseas in Switzerland, Australia, Asia, etc. We can help you import your Gold and Silver into the U.S and Canada, from a Vault or a Bank.

Clients Metals shipping to Toronto or Vancouver:

  • Option #1 – Precious metals may be purchased directly from Miles Franklin. Then delivery will be made to the Brink’s vault chosen.
  • Option #2 – Precious metals already owned by a client may be shipped to the storage program. Please contact us to discuss fee’s, shipping and further details on a per case basis.